Who we are and what we do

Our History & Philosophy

Welcome to the world of Storehouse Photography.

Having been in corporate photography for 10 years, I was fortunate enough to work throughout Europe, and this gave me an enormous amount of experience and satisfaction, especially as the events and assignments were so varied. The principles of light, colour, texture and depth that make up great photography, have always made me glad that I do this for a living.

Always having a camera in my hands gave me the idea to start my own company, so that I could begin to photograph the world from a new angle, and with a fresh approach and perspective. As I have found in this new adventure, there is always a new and exciting story to tell!

I believe that using photography as a means of story-telling, and bringing out the full potential of every image, is every bit as important as delivering a technically brilliant set of photographs. Storehouse can help you realise your vision, and tell your unique story, and so please contact me, and let me help you tell that tale.

Jonathan Dyke

Founder & Director, Storehouse Photography Limited